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The Question:

How can 30,000 people come to a barren desert, build a city that lasts for a week, and call it home?

home (noun) one's place of residence
The Black Rock Desert is 1.5 million acres of desert in northwesten Nevada. There is virtually nothing between the mountain ranges on either side of the desert except a long flat plain of alkali silt. The conditions of the desert can be brutal - high temperatures during the day and cold temperatures at night; no water and no shade; frightening storms and winds that can reach over 70 miles an hour. Yet, for the past 12 years, more and more people have been coming to Black Rock Desert and building their homes for the week. These homes range from tents and small shade structures to elaborate edifices covering thousands of square feet of space. What compels people to go through this effort? Burning Man.
home (noun) a familiar or usual setting, a congenial environment; the focus of one's domestic attention
Home is the place where we express ourselves. We decorate our homes extensively as a way of showing who we are to our friends and guests. We decorate our homes with paint, furniture, fabric, and art. We must bring things that represent our expression of our home with us to the desert in order to create the space that we live in. Theme camps mushroom out of the ground in the desert with spectacular expressions of homes and art, and in ways that they would not do in other settings. What compels people to express themselves in such an elaborate manner? Burning Man.
home (noun) the social unit formed by a family living together
When we come home, we rejoin our family and commune together. Home is where we share our meals, our ideas, ourselves. Home is where we enjoy fellowship with our family and friends. Home is the center of our community life - we invite people home to continue building our communities and to be a part of a social structure that helps us to learn and grow. This sense of community is very important to our sense of well being. We have the capability to create communities wherever we are, but we are often too distracted or too rushed to make the necessary connections. Yet 30,000 people come together in the Black Rock Desert and create a community known as Black Rock City that is open and supportive to all possibilities. How can this happen in such a short period of time? Burning Man.
at home (noun) relaxed and comfortable, at ease; in harmony with the surroundings
We are at our most comfortable when we are at home. We are in our familiar surroundings; we are with our friends. We are also at home with ourselves. At home is where we can learn about ourselves and what drives us. At home is where we can explore our inner most demons and desires, and come to a sense of peace that we are not able to find in the hustle of our modern day lives. As we take the journey towards being at home with ourselves, we also reach points of being able to help others in our larger communities. What can move people to be at home with themselves for a week in the desert? Burning Man.

The Vision:

"Welcome Home: Living at Burning Man"

View our Trailer"Welcome Home: Living at Burning Man" is a documentary film project by Nick Topolos and Paul D. Carey that will explore the ideas of home and how people create a home in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada, during the annual Burning Man event.

We expect this project to take several years to complete. We intend to interview people before they attend the event, film theme camps being set up, interview people at the event, and follow up with individuals after they return to their year-round homes. We are also soliciting input and ideas on this film through this web site.

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