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In working on our own Burning Man film, we've done some research on other Burning Man films and documentaries that we could find. While this is by no means a complete list (I'm sure the Media Team at Burning Man has issued hundreds of permits over the years), we do feel that there are some worthwhile documentaries to check out. If you have any additions or changes to the list, please send us an email with the information. Enjoy these films!

Year Filmed Title

(Release Year, Length, Medium)

Filmmakers How to find
1994 Burning Man Festival 1994

(1995, 48 min.)

Director & Producer: Chuck Cirino Fearless Media Inc
11024 Balboa Street #235
Granada Hills, CA 91344
1995 Burning Man Festival

(1997, 39 min.)

Director & Producer: Joe Winston Available on line from:
OW MYEYE Productions or Amazon.com (VHS) or Amazon.com (DVD)
1996 Burning Man: Just Add Couches

(2001, 49 min.)

Director & Producer: Joe Winston Available on line from:
OW MYEYE Productions or Amazon.com (VHS)or Amazon.com (DVD)
1997 Burning Man MCMXCVII

(1997, 80 min.)

Director: Chuck Cirino

Producers: Eric Trueheart & Alexia Cirino

Fearless Media Inc
11024 Balboa Street #235
Granada Hills, CA 91344

Available on line from:
Weird America or Burning Man Marketplace
1997 Burning Man: Where's the Fire

(1998, 57 min.)

Director: Fernando J. Velasquez Seventh Art Releasing
7551 Sunset Boulevard, #104
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Available on line from:
Burning Man Marketplace
1997 Flashback: Burning Man

(1998, 55 min.)

Director & Producer: Ed Favara Available on line from:
1997 Into the Heart of the Fire at the Burning Man Festival

(1998, 90 min.)

Director: Dan Alexander

Producers: Tom Naygrow and Dan Alexander

Artistic License, Inc.
PO Box 19407
Sacramento, CA 95819-0407

Available on line from:
1997 Juicy Danger Meets Burning Man

(1998, 54 min.)

Director & Producer: David Vaisbord

Available on line from:
Burning Man Marketplace

1997 - 2001 Drama in the Desert

(2002, 74 min., Book & DVD)

Producer: Holly Kreuter Available on line from:
Drama in the Desert or Burning Man Marketplace or Amazon.com
1998, 1999 BurningMan: Journey to the Flames

(2003, 55 min.)

Director: Doug Jacobson Available on line from:
Back to One Productions
1998 On the Bus

(2001, 89 min.)

Director: Dustin Lance Black

Producer: William Kaufman

Available on line from:
1999 Burn

(1999, 90 min.)

Director & Producer: David Secter Available on line from:
Burning Man Marketplace or Amazon.com
2000 One Minute to Burn

(2003, 39 min.)

Director & Producer: Paul Andresen & Mo Stoebe Available on line from:
Baddog Films
2000 Working for the Man: The Building, Burning and Disappearance of Black Rock City 2000

(2001, 66 min.)

Director & Producer: Susan M. Barron Susan M. Barron

Available on line from:
Quite Girl Productions
2000, 2001 Gifting It: A Burning Embrace of a Gift Economy

(2002, 74 min.)

Director & Producer: Renea Roberts Available on line from:
Gifting It or Burning Man Marketplace
2001 BurnBabyBurn

(2001, 58 min.)

Director & Producer: Paynie payniepaynie@aol.com
2001 Confessions of a Burning Man

(2002, 58 min.)

Directors & Producers: Un Su Lee & Paul Barnett Confessions of a Burning Man

This film is currently only available through screenings. We understand that copies will be available in 2005.
2001, 2002 Dust Devils

(2003, 45 min.)

Director: Dearbhla Glynn;

Producer: Aprile Blake

Available on line from:
Dust Devils or Burning Man Marketplace
2002 Black Rock Burning

(2003, length.)

Director: Kim Barr; Producer: Aleece Germana & Kim Barr Available on line from:
Dezember Productions

This film is not currently available, but we understand that the production team plans to make copies available for sale soon.
2002 Fall and Rise of the Fool's Ark

(year, length.)

Director & Producer: Available on line from:
2002 Firefall: Road to Burning Man Director & Producer: Sandy Gentile Spherical Productions

We understand that the producers are currently working on a distribution deal; the film will not be available until then.
2002 Nothing Without You

(2004, 51 min.)

Directors & Producers: Ted Mattison & Paul Kelleher Available on line from:
Nothing without You
2002 WHISTLEWORKS: The Steam Whistle Project at Burning Man 2002

(2002, 15 min.)

Producer: The Burning Chicagoans Whistleworks

Only available for viewing on line.
2002, 2003 Burning Man: Beyond Black Rock

(2004, 111 min.)

Director: Damon Broan; Producer: Michael S. Wilson Available on line from:
Beyond Black Rock
2002, 2003 Folding Time

(2002, 2003.)

Director: Robert Henrickson Available on line from:
Folding Time (2002 & 2003) or Burning Man Marketplace
2002 - 2004 Aqua Burn (2002, 34 min.), Burning Karma (2003, 23 min.), & Astro Blaze (2004) Director: Bill Breithaupt; Producer: Bill Breithaupt & Diane Buteux Available on line from:
2002 - Welcome Home: Living at Burning Man

(Currently in production)

Director: Paul D. Carey; Producer: Nick A. Topolos A Dog and Pony Show

This project is currently in production. Short features will be added to the web site as they become available.
2002 - Burning Man: The Movie

(Currently in production)

Director & Producer: Harrod Blank Harrod Blank Films & Books

This project is currently in production.
2004 One Man, One Desert, 30,000 Experiences

(Currently in production)

Director & Producer: Olivier Bonin madNOMAD Productions

This project is currently in production.
  The Rise and Fall of Burning Man

(Currently in production)

Producer: Bill Knowland Direct Images Interactive

This project is currently in production, but we understand from the producer that this production has been delayed.
  La Vie Boheme

(2000, 90 min.)

Video taped speech by Larry Harvey Burning Man Marketplace

Video taped interview with Larry Harvey discussing Burning Man and the ideas of building a community in the desert.
We have found references to the following films, but have no further information on them. If anyone has information on how to find any of these films, please let us know, and we'll update this web site. Thanks! 
  After the Apocalypse: Burning Man  Megan Eskey  http://www.nyfilmvideo.com/junk/sept2000.html 
  Art of Burning Man  Karie Henderson  http://regionals.burningman.com/eu_uk.html 
  BM @ Black Rock  Larry Harvey  http://regionals.burningman.com/eu_uk.html 
  Burning Man  Gael Firth  http://www.lostfilmfest.com/lineup.html 
  Burning Man  Mara Silver  http://www.portobellofilmfestival.com/videocafe3738.html 
  Burning Man 2020


Director & Producer: Christoph Gampl & Andreas Kukutsch ATHOS FILMS distribution OHG
2003  Burning Man: Beyond Belief    http://www.nyfilmvideo.com/index_bust_2001_files/schedule-ny-april-2004.html 
2002  Burning Man: The Floating World  Philip Safarik  http://www.artsalliancesite.org/programs/digit.html 

(1998 & 2000)

The Burning Sensation

(2001, 75 min.)

Director: Alex Nohe

Producers: Alex Nohe & Alan Roberts

We have seen this film, but we are no longer able to find it.
  Burning Man: Stories from the Playa  Greg Gulbrandsen  http://www.cascadeae.com/artstheatremusicdance.htm 
  Burning Man Through Irish Eyes  Karen Koski/Sherece Lamke  http://www.mythicjourneys.org/PR_film_festival-rev3.pdf 
1999 Fall of Man: Burning Man 1999

(2000, 20 min.)

Director & Producer: Douglas Gilles We have seen this film, but we are no longer able to find it.
  HANDS: The Anti-Documentary  Jonathan Ari Yudis  http://www.hollywood.com/movies/detail/movie/420839#more 
  Ninja Tune vs. Burning Man    http://demipagan.freeyellow.com/BlackRock/burning-films.html 
2001  Nosolomusica's Burning Man 2001    http://www.burningbeach.com/events.html 
  Sensation: A Journey to Burning Man  Laurent Le Gall  http://regionals.burningman.com/eu_uk.html 
2001 Stranger: A Burning Man Film

(2001, 30 min.)

Director & Producer: Nage Canchola nage@missjones.com